Selected Writing


Personal Essays

Memento Carrie

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Raped Me At A Concert in 2003

Choosing Fat Visibility vs. Ducking Creepshots at the Dunkin Donuts

To My Fat Friend Who is Scared of Yoga (at Yoga Enlarged)

You Keep Working 

Run Like a Bear

Here to Win (Midwestern Creativity)

Short Humor and Satire 

Lose Weight the Easy Way with Whole206! (at The Belladonna)

Five Halloween Horror Movies That Will Get You and Your Boyfriend in the Mood for a Spooktacular Argument About Rape Culture

Mariah On The Coast

Here Are The Only Circumstances Under Which I Will Read Your Essay About Moving To or From New York City

Feminist Erotica 

My 24-Hour Product Diary

Columbus Gothic